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Riccardo Peirano
  project management  

The one agency for the discerning potential purchaser of a new or pre owned yacht .                 

Trained and experienced professionals who can provide an honest and true evaluation of your   dream yacht .

We look behind the hype to reveal the true value of your purchase and provide quotations for any necessary upgrades .

More importantly, we can discover the existing problems that assist your decision to purchase .


  • Yacht surveying ( mechanical , electrical and hull evaluation )
  • Interior specification ( audio plus video system evaluation of the present equipment and to recommend improvements )
  • Interior and exterior furniture
  • Safety management system
  • Crew placement
  • Regulatory compliance

Project Management

Riccardo Peirano has managed projects of various sizes in Italy, Spain, France,  since 1990.

Project Management Program

Riccardo Peirano has devised a Project Management Program that has a proven track record. Will work through the project and will offer advice and recommendations where necessary. The next stage will bring together the best contractors available in the area to offer quotations and once agreed, will closely oversee all work carried out aboard the vessel. Riccardo Peirano will act as your representative for all related issues.


  • thorough briefing on required work list between owner and project manager
  • recommendations and advice offered where necessary
  • experienced local contractors will offer quotations for the work
  • project manager will closely monitor all work being carried out aboard the vessel
  • SYE will act as your independent representative on all issues

Benefits to Owner

  • local knowledge regarding quality of workmanship and materials
  • save time and money as all work will be arranged through one contact
  • reduction in delays as experienced project management will plan the entire project
  • reduce costs as the tasks will be coordinated to minimise the necessary work
  • independent and experienced representative to act on behalf of the owner on all marine issues 
  • all work carried out on the vessel will be closely monitored
  • vessel registration, permits, licenses, insurance will be monitored and you will be advised in advance to ensure everything is kept up to date and legal
  • all safety items will be monitored to ensure they are all within date and in full working order where possible
  • advice on vessel safety, passage planning, local waters etc.

Experience clearly shows that the cost of using the project management program saves you money on the project as a whole and all the work is done for you to a high standard.

Please contact Riccardo Peirano to discuss the pricing and conditions.

For more information on any work please contact us on: rp@superyachtengineers.com or by phone +34 661 496 284 .

project management
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